Insurance Claims

When accidents or acts of nature occur, your insurer is likely the first person you turn to for assistance. Whether you're looking to cover injuries or property damage, your hopes are that your policy will cover all of the damages you have suffered and that your insurer will pay you in a timely manner. When insurance carriers don't follow through with the promises they've made in your policy, however, disputes can arise, leaving you in need of legal advice.

At Salam & Associates, PC, our lawyers know how complex and overwhelming the insurance claim process can be, which is why we offer support and guidance through every step of your claim. From our office in Richardson, we serve throughout Texas. We will keep you informed about your rights and options so that you never feel like you are making difficult decisions without knowing the full story.

Helping You Recover Fair Compensation From Your Claim

Filing a claim after a devastating storm  or accident is rarely an easy process due to the complex wording of some policies and frustrations caused by working with insurers.

At Salam & Associates, PC, we will make the process a little easier by carefully reviewing and explaining your policy so you know what is covered and what you are owed. We will handle negotiations with the insurance company to make sure you are getting a fair settlement offer.

We will consider all of your needs, now and down the road. We will work with your insurer to make sure this happens. If negotiations break down, we are willing and able to litigate matters on your behalf.

We Fight Back Against Bad Faith

Insurers that refuse to pay on a legitimate claim, delay payments without just cause or partake in other unfair claim practices are considered to be acting in bad faith. You don't have to stand by idly and watch while an insurer fails to uphold its end of a policy agreement.

Our highly experienced attorneys fight back against insurers for bad faith and breach of contract. We will make sure your rights are protected and that your policy is being honored as it was intended.

Let Us Deliver Peace of Mind Do not settle for less than the full benefits you are entitled to. Let us review your claim and walk you through the process of recovering what's owed to you. To schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation today, contact our office by calling 972-437-1900 or send us an email.


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